As an additional benefit to our professional candidates, THE BRIDGE offers a complete review, counseling, update and rewrite of an individual’s resume. Over the years, THE BRIDGE has been involved in the outplacement of many a good person. Through that process, literally thousands of resumes have been reviewed and examined. We have observed how little many a good professional really knows about composing a winning resume and/or developing a successful marketing campaign for themselves. In that regard, THE BRIDGE offers its expertise in a complete resume review, counseling, total rewrite, update and/or development.

Interested professionals are encouraged to make contact. Specific needs and requirements will be discussed. Fee arrangements will be agreed to prior to commencement of any work.

Alex Wilcox, Principal
The Bridge
1890 Dilley Rd. Westcliffe, CO. 81252

Phone: 719-783-4128

Hours: 8am to 5pm Monday – Friday

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